About us

At Blueprint, we deliver stylish concepts on time and on budget whilst meeting designer briefs and exceeding client expectations.

Built by Blueprint specialise in residential and commercial property refurbishment as well as project management. Having extensive knowledge and expertise in both the commercial and domestic sectors, we take pride in developing new and challenging projects.

We focus on “deliverables”. That means managing and coordinating each project so that it meets the targets established at the outset. We ensure that we oversee each and every change element so that the project is delivered as intended.

We safeguard the quality of our work through close liaison and inclusive interaction with the client, architects, engineers and designers involved in each job.

We hope that you identify with our philosophy and that you are encouraged to contact us for an initial consultation.

Peter Stone

Peter has worked in the construction industry for over 35 years. Trained as a quantity surveyor, he worked for Costain Construction for 13 years, heading the surveying team on projects for the (then) Glaxo Company, Camden Council, Harrow Council, The Post Office and numerous new office developments.

When he left Costain in the mid-1980s, Peter initially worked as a freelance quantity surveyor for a number of small to medium sized builders. He began working as a construction manager in the early 1990s, combining project management and quantity surveyor roles on a series of prestigious commercial and domestic contracts before setting up Built by Blueprint.

Conor O’Neill

Conor has been in business and project management for over 30 years. He worked in construction related industries before he began undertaking the project management of building renovations.

In 2005 he managed the complete renovation and conversion of two Victorian properties in South London and transformed them into nine luxury apartments. Having worked closely with Peter on a number of smaller projects they combined to form Built by Blueprint in 2011.

Graham Steers

Woodwork and finishes foreman. Graham has been making and installing first class joinery for the company since 1995. He is a problem solver and communicates closely with the design team, interpreting their requirements and relating these to specialist suppliers. He thinks ahead and keeps the project programme moving.

Martin O’Connor

A skilled and experienced labourer and groundworker. Martin works closely with Mick and has had a good partnership with him for over 10 years. He is loyal and reliable and instinctively knows his role on site. He has a good eye for safety and ensures a clean and tidy site.

Mick O’Connell

Groundworks and structures foreman, Mick has been working with Peter for 25 years and is the senior foreman within the company. He has an extensive knowledge and is an excellent communicator, particularly when dealing with the design team and building control officers.

Paul Turner

Woodwork and finishes foreman, Paul is another long term employee and first worked with Peter in 1993. He has an eye for detail and takes pride in delivering perfect workmanship. He is often the last man on the job and liaises closely with the client at final completion.